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The MuD/PhuD Mind Project

Jul 22, 2021

Hi everyone! Today we are really going to start digging into the actual tools that I use in my own life and with my coaching clients to create more clarity, simplicity and efficiency in their lives. The way we are going to start is by focusing on Time Management, one of my absolute favorite things to coach on because it...

Jul 16, 2021

My very first podcast guest is a rockstar physician-scientist and also a dear friend, Dr. Zahra Ghiassi-Nejad. The title of this podcast was inspired by something she said “Wait a one needs to tell me what to do and I can do it however I want to...or however I want to decide to proceed - use both of the...

Jul 10, 2021

The beautiful thing about the journey we will take into looking at our mind with curiosity is that it mirrors what we already do in research.

We start with the scientific question. 

  • Why do we want to answer that question?
  • Why is it important to us?

It may help someone

I’m curious (just because I want to)